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Indigo Mango

Rock, Pop, Punk Soul, Funk

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Described in the BrusselsMusicReview as the “...freshest rising stars in Belgium...”, Indigo Mango are as humble as they are genuine. The five-piece band bring together rich threads of soul, jazz and groove and take you somewhere timeless yet vintage and always coming up.

The songs are personal and somehow speak to the heart of humanity; lost and found in a century of indecision and choice. Built on the lyrics and melodies of Jordan Dressen (singer/drums) and crafted with Vassilis Harvalias (guitar) and the Mango's first year together, their debut album represents not only a landmark but also what is possible with hard work and courage against unbelievable odds.

The keys of Benjamin Van den Berge open doors to faraway San Francisco/Japanese sunsets while Nathanaël Louis (bass guitar) feeds the birds and leaves you begging for more. The return of Keith Karayagwa (co-front-man, percussion) completes the mystical circle that gives Indigo Mango an explosive live experience like no other band alive.