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Hidden Gems is a Bruxelles based acoustic duo formed by Olivier Segura (voice) and Silviu Iubitu (guitar), two very experienced musicians who joined forces in order to bring a dynamic and thrilling concept of rearranged acoustic magnificent covers.

Olivier Segura (voice) is a French singer, songwriter and composer. He has started playing music with saxophone and clarinet at the age of 8. At the age of 20, he plays in his first rock band. By that time, he has studied the art of opera. His future bands would play progressive rock, metal, pop jazz and pop rock. In 2003 he studied acting in Paris and played roles in theaters and short films. In Brussels, starting with 2017, he has been using his voice for commercials, dubbing characters from series, movies and cartoons.

Silviu Iubitu (guitar) is a Romanian guitarist who started playing the guitar at the beginning of 1994. He is extremely experienced, having played with great bands and musicians in Romania where he reached the most important stages, radios and TV shows. He plays both acoustic and electric guitar. Apart from his band related activities, he worked as a session guitarist, playing for movies soundtracks, commercials, TV and radio jingles and ID's, computer and phone games and music library reaching a broad area of music styles.